Thank You For Your Continued Support


First, Debbie and I want to thank you so much for all your support over the years and for your faith in me to represent you and the state I love so much.

Tuesday night did not go as we wanted but I’m proud of the campaign we ran and I’m proud of my record as a public servant.  I’ve always done what I thought was best for Texas and for our communities.

Now that Debbie and I have had a few days to reflect on election night, we are overwhelmed thinking about all the support you have shown us over the years.

I want you to know that I remain committed to fighting for conservatives, conservative values and to elect Republicans.

And, I want you to know that I will still be working hard to represent you through the end of the year so as always, if you have any questions or need anything from me, please call me on my personal cell at 254-493-4399 or stop by Las Casas and we can visit.

God bless Texas, our veterans, and our military,


Primary Day Polling Locations for Bell County

01 – Belton          Belton Nazarene Church, 1701 Sparta Road, Belton, Texas  76513

102 – Belton        Bell County North Annex, 1605 North Main Street, Belton, Texas  76513

103 – Belton        Immanuel Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 1215 South Wall Street, Belton, Texas  76513

104 – Morgan’s Point       60 MPR Blvd., Morgan’s Point Resort, Texas  76513

105 – Little River/Academy  Bliss Community Center, 109 South Evans, Little River/Academy, Texas  76554

106 – Killeen        Transforming Life Fellowship, 4107 Westcliff Road, Killeen, Texas   76543

107 – Bartlett      Bartlett Town Hall, 140 West Clark Street, Bartlett,

Texas  76511

108 – Holland      Kuhlman Civic Center, 100 West Travis Street, Holland,

Texas  76534

109 – Killeen        St. Joseph Parish Hall, 2903 E. Rancier Avenue, Killeen

Texas  76543

110 – Killeen        St. Joseph Parish Hall, 2903 E. Rancier Avenue, Killeen

Texas  76543

111 – Nolanville J. W. Sims Community Center, 408 North 10th Street,

Nolanville, Texas  76559

113 – Belton        Immanuel Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 1215 South

Wall Street, Belton, Texas  76513

201 – Harker Heights       First Baptist Church of Harker Heights Fellowship Hall,

100 E. Ruby Road, Harker Heights, Texas  76548

202 – Harker Heights       Harker Heights Parks & Recreation Center, 307 Miller’s

Crossing, Harker Heights, Texas  76548

203 – Salado        Salado Church of Christ Activities Center, 225 North

Church Street, Salado, Texas  76571

204 – Killeen        Killeen Fire Station #3, 700 Twin Creek Drive, Killeen,

Texas  76541

205 – Killeen        Marlboro Heights Baptist Church, 800 Rev Abercrombie

Drive, Killeen, Texas  76541

206 – Killeen        Killeen Senior Center @ Lions Club Park, 1700 E. Stan

Schleuter Loop, Killeen, Texas  76542

207 – Killeen        First Baptist Church of Killeen, 3310 South W.S. Young

Drive, Killeen, Texas  76542

208 – Killeen        Cedar Valley Elementary, 4801 Chantz Drive, Killeen,

Texas  76540

209 – Harker Heights       St. Paul Hasang Catholic Church, 1000 E. FM 2410,

Harker Heights, Texas  76548

210 – East Trimmier          First Baptist Church of Trimmier, 6405 Chapparral

Road, Killeen, Texas  76542

301 – Troy            Troy Community Center, 201 East Main Street, Troy

Texas  76579

302 – Temple      VFW Post 1820, 3204 Airport Road, Temple, Texas


303 – Temple      Frank Mayborn Civic Center, 3303 North 3rd Street,

Temple, Texas  76501

304 – Temple      A & E Storage, 4970 E. Highway 190, Temple, Texas


305 – Temple      Temple Brethren Church, 2202 Birdcreek Drive,

Temple, Texas  76502

306 – Temple      Immanuel Baptist Church, 1401 W. Central, Temple,

Texas  76504

307 – Temple      Wilson Parks & Recreation Center, 2205 Curtis B. Elliott

Drive, Temple, Texas  76501

308 – Temple      Bethel Assembly of God of Temple, 22621 SE H.K.

Dodgen Loop 363, Temple, Texas  76504

309 – Seaton/Ratibar

Seaton Community Center, 12301 Hwy 53, Temple,

Texas  76501

310 – Cyclone     St. Joseph Catholic Church Fellowship Hall, 20220 FM

485, Burlington, Texas  76519

311 – Moffat/Stampede                First Baptist Church Moffat, 13929 Moffat Road,

Temple, Texas  76502

312 – Rogers       First Baptist Church of Rogers, 5 Prairie, Rogers, Texas


313 – Temple      Temple Bible Church, 3205 Oakview Drive, Temple,

Texas  76502

314 – Temple      Heights Baptist Church, 1220 South 49th Street,

Temple, Texas  76504

315 – Temple      Lakeview Baptist Church, 7717 Highway 317, Belton

Texas  76513

317 – Temple      First Church of the Nazarene, 5000 South 31st Street,

Temple, Texas  76502

401 – Ivey Gap   Cove Saddle Club Arena, 2819 Boys Ranch Road,

Kempner, Texas  76539

402 – Youngsport   Southwest Bell Fire Department, 258 Triple 7 Trail,

Killeen, Texas  76542

404 – Killeen Fire Station #7, 3701 Watercrest Road, Killeen, Texas


405 – Killeen Robert M. Shoemaker High School, 3302 Clear Creek

Raod, Killeen, Texas  76541

406 – Killeen Central Fire Station, 201 North 28th Street, Killeen,

Texas  76541

408 – Killeen Fire Station #5, 905 West Jasper Road, Killeen, Texas


409 – West Trimmier       West Bell Water Supply Office, 4201 Chapparral Road,

Killeen, Texas  76540

410 – Killeen        Fire Department Support Facility, 114 West Avenue D,

Killeen, Texas  76541

412 – Killeen        Palo Alto Middle School, 2301 W. Elms Road, Killeen,

Texas  76549

413 – Killeen        Haynes Elementary School, 3309 W. Canadian River

Loop, Killeen, Texas  76549

Consolidated Polling Locations

103/113 – Belton   Immanuel Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 1215 South

Wall Street, Belton, Texas  76513

109/110 – Killeen   St. Joseph Parish Hall, 2903 E. Rancier Avenue, Killeen

Texas  76543

Rep. Ralph Sheffield Continues Support for Keystone XL Project

Representative Ralph Sheffield again voiced his support for the Keystone XL project and strongly encouraged the White House to quickly approve the pending permit.  In a second letter to the US Secretary of State, following the fifth environmental impact evaluation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. That determined the pipeline’s construction and operation will have minimal impact on the environment, Rep. Ralph Sheffield asked for the Administration’s approval process move forward.

“For the second time in a little over a year, I again have voiced my support of the Keystone XL pipeline project being approved by the White House,” stated Sheffield.  ” It is my belief that Keystone XL will provide a stable, affordable supply of American and Canadian crude to the Gulf Coast refinery complex. Gulf Coast refineries continue to rely on OPEC oil for more than 60 percent of their crude oil imports, much of which are heavier crude imports from Venezuela and the Middle East. Keystone XL alone could displace all of the crude oil that certain refineries import from Venezuela. Access to Canadian and U.S. oil will alleviate the vulnerability that Gulf refineries – and by effect consumers across the country – face relying on overseas imports.”

According to various experts, Keystone XL provides the most efficient, safest and least intrusive method for transporting Canadian and Bakken crude to markets in the Gulf Coast region. Alternative transport methods can result in greater energy use and carbon emissions. Furthermore, the likelihood of an incident leading to a release or spill of crude oil is much lower for pipelines than other transport methods. For all these reasons, pipelines carry nearly two-thirds of the oil and petroleum products transported domestically.

The Keystone XL  is one of the types  of infrastructure project the American people are looking for to create construction jobs. According to a recent report by Forbes Magazine, the construction project alone would create  42,000. Additionally, various economists, have estimated 20,000 manufacturing and construction jobs and finally almost 200,000 jobs that will be created through various facets of the construction and operational life of the pipeline.   .

First Responders, Business Leaders and Conservatives Unite in Support for Ralph Sheffield


Endorsement from Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas continues groundswell of support for Bell County State Representative Ralph Sheffield

TEMPLE – Republican State Representative Ralph Sheffield announced today he has received the endorsement of the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT), the largest police officer organization in Texas, representing over 18,500 police officers statewide.  This endorsement follows endorsements for Representative Sheffield from the Texas Municipal Police Association and the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters.

“It is truly an honor to have the trust and support of our first responders,” Representative Sheffield said. “These brave men and women put their lives on the line to protect our safety and to ensure our freedoms.  I’m also proud of the resounding support I have received from the healthcare community which plays such an important role in Bell County.”

In addition to strong endorsements from public safety organizations, Representative Sheffield has received the endorsement of numerous agriculture, business and healthcare related organizations including the Texas Farm Bureau, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Texas Association of Business, Texas Association of Realtors, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Texas Medical Association and the Texas Hospital Association.  Sheffield has also received the endorsement of the Temple/Belton Board of Realtors and the Temple Area Home Builders.

Statewide conservative organizations have also thrown their support behind Representative Sheffield’s re-election, including the Conservative Republicans of Texas, Texas Alliance for Life, Texans for Life Coalition, as well as the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association.

During the 83rd legislative session, Representative Sheffield voted for a balanced state budget that cut more than $1 billion in taxes for small businesses. He also joined with fellow Bell County Representative Jimmie Don Aycock to help pass major reforms to Texas’ education system including reducing the number of standardized tests and providing more flexibility in course requirements for students to prepare for the career of their choice. In addition, Representative Sheffield co-authored momentous legislation that protects life and unborn children after the 5th month of pregnancy and improves the quality of care women receive.

“The most recent sessions of the Legislature have been the most conservative sessions in the history of Texas,” Representative Sheffield said. “It’s a privilege to represent Bell County and to ensure that our values are reflected in our state capital.”

Representative Sheffield serves as Vice Chair of the Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee and as a member of the Energy Resources Committee. He also serves in the Rural Legislators Caucus, the Veterans Caucus, and the Sportsman Caucus. Ralph and his wife, Debbie, attend First United Methodist Church Temple. They have four grown children and three grandchildren.

Rep. Ralph Sheffield Named Champion for Free Enterprise

Representative Ralph Sheffield (R-Temple)  has been awarded the prestigious “Champion for Free Enterprise” award presented by the Texas Association of Business (TAB). The award was presented to Representative Sheffield for his 100% voting record in protection of the interests of small businesses during the 83rd  Legislative Session.

“As a small business owner myself, I am honored to receive such a prestigious and well-conceived award,” stated Sheffield. “The challenges faced by small businesses are numerous and  TAB has always been there to protect and look out for the interests of small business owners. I look forward to continuing to vote 100%  on the side of small business during the 84nd Legislative Session.”

The “Champion of  Free Enterprise” is the highest honor that a legislator can receive from the TAB.  Each session, TAB contacts the Legislature about the bills and issues that impact small and large employers across Texas.

“This was a good legislative session for business” stated TAB President Bill Hammond. “We are proud to honor Rep. Sheffield for his support of the business community and the kind of legislation that will keep the Texas economy moving in the right direction.  We must continue to create jobs and opportunity and Rep. Sheffield’s support of business friendly legislation will do just that.”

The mission of the Texas Association of Business (TAB) — Texas’ leading employer organization. Representing companies from the largest multi-national corporations to small businesses in nearly every community of our state, TAB works to improve the Texas business climate and to help make our state’s economy the strongest in the world. For more than 85 years, TAB has been on the front lines of the legislative, regulatory, and judicial battlefields, fighting for every issue that impacts business to ensure that employers’ opinions are being heard.  Among State Legislators and their staff, TAB is one of the best known of the statewide organizations and considered by a majority as the voice of business in Texas. Over 90% of legislators and their staff rated TAB as better than other organizations in communicating their position on issues.

Ralph Sheffield Honored as a Conservative Champion

State Representative Ralph Sheffield (R-Temple) was named by Texas Conservative Coalition as one of its “Conservative Champions” for his work during the 83rd Legislative Session.

“It is truly an honor to be named a ‘Conservative Champion’  by the Texas Conservative Coalition ” stated Sheffield.  “As State Representative for District 55, I consider it a great privilege to have the opportunity to work with conservative organizations like the Texas Conservative Coalition.  Representing  the people of District 55 continues to be one of my greatest honors and joys.  With the help of groups like the Texas Conservative Coalition, Texas continues to lead the nation in traditional value-driven, small government  ideals. This legislative session was a win for conservative values in Texas.”

The Conservative Champion award is given in recognitions of Rep. Ralph Sheffield’s efforts to advance, support, and vote for priority conservative policy positions in the 83rd Legislature.  Rep. Sheffield was given this award by advancing economic freedom, cutting Taxes by more than $1 billion, protecting innocent unborn life and women’s health, upholding and advancing the Second Amendment, and helping defeat the expansion of Obamacare Medicaid.

The Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) is a legislative caucus formed in 1985 committed to shaping public policy by promoting: Limited Government, Individual Liberty, Free Enterprise, and Traditional Values.

Their objective is to implement a conservative vision for state government.

Today, TCC is widely recognized as one of the largest and most influential caucuses in the Texas Legislature. is a nonpartisan organizations who have come together to ensure that Texas remains a national and world leader for economic activity and quality of life. The Coalition  promotes  Texas  to maintain low taxes, a streamlined and predictable regulatory environment, a reliable infrastructure, and a transparent and efficient government.

Calling all golfers! Let’s play some golf! Save the Date – October 15th

Please join me at The Wildflower Country Club in Temple on Tuesday, October 15th for a four man scramble tournament.  We will have a shotgun start at noon with food and drinks followed by an awards dinner after the tournament at the country club.

You can download a pdf version of the sign up form here or register online at

May God bless Texas, our veterans, and our military,

Ralph Sheffield
Texas State Representative District 55

State Representative Ralph Sheffield Announces Run for Re-Election for House District 55 Seat

TEMPLE – Republican Representative Ralph Sheffield announced today his intentions to seek re-election to the Texas House representing District 55. Sheffield is the owner and operator of the local restaurant and catering service, Las Casas Restaurant and Catering, and was first elected to the Texas House in 2008.

 “It is a tremendous honor to serve the people of House District 55,” Sheffield said. “As your voice in Austin, I have focused on maintaining a low-tax, low-regulation business environment that has made Texas the top job-producing state in the nation. With your support and your vote, I will continue to fight for common-sense policies to keep Texas on the path to prosperity.”

 During the 83rd legislative session, Representative Sheffield voted for a balanced state budget that cut over $1 billion in taxes for small businesses. He supported historic efforts to plan for Texas’ future by making investments that will help Texas communities fund water and conservation efforts that are crucial to job creation as well as efforts to improve Texas’ transportation infrastructure by increasing transparency and ensuring that fees collected are spent on transportation and not diverted to other priorities. He also helped pass major reforms to Texas’ education system including reducing the number of tests required for graduation from 15 to 5 and providing more flexibility in course requirements for students to prepare for the career of their choice. In addition, Representative Sheffield coauthored momentous legislation that protects life and unborn babies after the 5th month of pregnancy and improves the quality of care women receive.

 “I am proud to have supported a balanced budget and to have coauthored legislation that cut over $1 billion in taxes for Texas small businesses,” Sheffield said. “We took great strides to protect life, invest in water and transportation and make important reforms to improve our quality of education.”

 Representative Sheffield served as Vice Chair of the Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee and as a member of the Energy Resources Committee. He also served in the Rural Legislators Caucus, the Veterans Caucus, and the Sportsman Caucus. Ralph and his wife, Debbie, attend First United Methodist Church Temple. They have four grown children and three grandchildren. 

Highlights from the 83rd Legislative Session

The Texas House Republican Caucus declared the recently concluded regular session of the Texas Legislature to be a success for the people of Texas. House Republicans led the efforts on a number of important issues that were passed into law or are awaiting the Governor’s signature.

 ”The 83rd Legislative Session will be remembered as a session of progress for securing Texas’s future,” stated Rep. Ralph Sheffield (R-Temple).  “This has been a remarkable, workhorse of a session; in that, we addressed key issues affecting our state  – providing a balanced budget, establishing a long term water plan, and restoring  various state retirement systems.  Although there were some bills that I would have liked to have reached the Governor’s desk, overall it has been a very productive session. Looking at the final results of the 83rd Legislative Session, I am sure that all Texans will agree with me that this session has been one that will continue to ensure that Texas remains as one of the top economic drivers of the Nation and the world.”

 Legislative successes include:

  • Balanced Budget with no new taxes
  • Education Reform – The legislature made significant investments in public education. The State budget fully funds enrollment growth and provides an additional $3.4 billion for the Foundation School Program. In House Bill 5, we were able to provide flexibility for students’ graduation requirements and reduced the number of mandated end-of-course tests from 15 to 5. In addition, we passed Senate Bill 1406 to provide much needed oversight to the CSCOPE curriculum by the State Board of Education. We also passed Senate Bill 2 to expand the public charter school program in Texas so that Texas schoolchildren will have increased opportunity and school choice.
  • Strengthened the Future of the State’s Water Infrastructure – With the passage of House Bill 4 and Senate Joint Resolution 1, we have made monumental progress in developing sufficient water infrastructure in Texas and taken steps necessary to ensure a sustainable water supply for future generations. These measures will allow for the enactment of the State Water Plan, which will help Texans prepare for continued drought conditions and encourage job-creators to continue to move here.
  • Tax Relief – Led by Republican legislators, the Texas House of Representatives passed House Bill 500, which provides over $710 million in tax relief for Texas businesses, with most of the relief going to small businesses. Thanks to Republican leadership, Texas will continue to lead the nation in small business development, job growth and economic prosperity.
  • “Truth in Budgeting” Laws – Through House Bill 6 & 7 the Texas Legislature took major steps forward in reforming its arcane state budgeting process and ending the practice of “fee diversions” for out-of-date programs. In addition, new legislation will end the “System Benefit Fund,” a form of taxation on consumers in deregulated energy markets, as well as provide increased transparency in how taxpayer dollars are spent.
  • Drug Screening for Unemployment Benefits– Lawmakers passed Senate Bill 21, which provides for the drug screening of applicants applying for state unemployment benefits. This important measure ensures that tax dollars aren’t used to subsidize illegal drug use.
  • Protecting Second Amendment Rights – The Texas Legislature took strong action to protect the Second Amendment rights of Texans. Senate Bill 864 provides for a more efficient renewal process for holders of a Concealed Handgun License (CHL). Additionally, the protections provided by Senate Bill 1907 will ensure that teachers and students that have a CHL are allowed to safely store their firearms and ammunition in their vehicle on a university campus. In a step to protect citizens from government overreach, Senate Bill 987 gives the Attorney General the authority to ensure that counties overstepping their regulatory authority cannot infringe upon Texans’ firearm rights.
  • Medicaid Fraud –Senate Bill 8 took a huge step toward addressing fraud, waste and abuse in our state’s Medicaid system. This legislation gives new tools to the Inspector General of the Health and Human Services Commission to pursue fraud, waste, and abuse in nearly every health and human services program. Additionally, the bill provides for the use of sophisticated software to monitor unusual Medicaid billing patterns as they are reported, thus starting investigations earlier in the process. These safeguards allow for state healthcare dollars to go to the Texans who need them most.
  • Financial Security for Retired Teachers – Senate Bill 1458 makes several critical changes to the Teacher Retirement System. The legislation returns TRS to actuarial soundness by, among other measures, increasing state and employee contributions to the system and by making important eligibility changes. The measure also provides a three percent cost of living adjustment to all retired teachers and their beneficiaries – the first cost of living adjustment offered since 2001.
  • Border Security – This session, Republicans continued to ensure adequate funding for law enforcement officers protecting and serving along our state’s border. Our budget provided $92.3 million to the Department of Public Safety, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and other funds seeking to provide support for our border security operations.

Governor Perry has called the Texas Legislature back into Special Session to address important redistricting litigation issues. We’ve made a lot of progress this session and will continue to prioritize and fight for tax reform, government accountability, and other measures that will continue successful economic development in Texas.

On Memorial Day, Gov. Rick Perry Honors Veterans by Signing into Law a Bill That Creates an Entrepreneur Program

AUSTIN – This Memorial Day, Gov. Rick Perry signed into law Senate Bill 1476, which establishes the Veteran Entrepreneur Program at the Texas Veterans Commission.

“Every day, American service members sacrifice their lives for the freedoms we cherish, and it is appropriate that on this day of remembrance and thanks that we would strengthen our commitment to our Veterans and military families,” Gov. Perry said. “Though no words or actions can heal the wounds of combat or return a lost loved one, Texas is honored to give back to Veterans and their families.”

“The entrepreneurial spirit and business friendly environment that Texas prides itself on is evident in the passage of SB 1476,” said Rep. Sheffield. “The bill will directly impact the nearly 1.7 million Veterans residing in Texas. I am proud to have carried this legislation, which will support and encourage our most honorable and distinguished residents of Texas who answered the call to serve.”

The program is based upon a highly successful pilot program, launched in April 2012, to foster and promote Veteran entrepreneurship and business ownership throughout the state. During the pilot program, over 1,000 Veterans received information on how to start or grow a business, and ten Veteran-owned businesses launched.

“Veteran entrepreneurs add value to their communities through economic development and create employment opportunities for other Veterans,” said Thomas P. Palladino, Executive Director of the Texas Veterans Commission.  “We are proud of the work the 83rd Legislature did this session to ensure our Veterans are not forgotten in Texas, and we thank Gov. Perry, Sen. Royce West, and Rep. Ralph Sheffield for showing Texas Veterans that they can depend on their State to support and advocate for them.”

The successful passage of Senate Bill 1476 was due in large part to the commitment of two senior legislators, Sen. West (D-Dallas) and Rep. Sheffield (R-Temple).

Rep. Sheffield sponsored SB 1476 in the Texas House of Representatives with Rep. Rick Miller (R-Sugar Land) as a joint sponsor.  Reps. José Menéndez (D-San Antonio), Nicole Collier (D-Fort Worth), Joe Farias (D-San Antonio), and Joe Moody (D-El Paso) co-sponsored SB 1476.

Rep. Sheffield also played a critical role in securing the necessary funding for the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program by filing an amendment to the General Appropriations Act while it was being considered on the House floor. Speaker of the House Joe Straus, Rep. Jim Pitts, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, and Rep. Sylvester Turner, Vice Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, worked to ensure House support for funding the Veteran Entrepreneurship Program in the Conference Committee Report for Senate Bill 1.

The bill was signed in the House and the Senate on May 16 and sent to the Governor’s office on the same day and will take effect immediately after signature.